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In this groundbreaking and life-changing book, authors Lily Hills and Karen Hudson examine how women, because they are their own worst critics, have not only robbed themselves of a significant amount of joy but have made their lives far harder and more stressful than they need to be. 

On a broader scale, the book speaks to how women’s collective self-denigration as a gender has diluted our influence in a world in desperate need of our social, spiritual and political contributions.

Fortunately, rather than merely pointing out the problem and leaving them hanging, A Feminine Manifesta tells women exactly how to use their feminine side to break the habit of being hard on themselves, dramatically enhance their lives and show up in the world as their best selves. From this empowered place, women will be primed to come together to benefit all humankind.

"A fascinating and very highly recommended read"
– Midwest Book Review
What lies in front of us is a golden opportunity to positively impact the world one woman at a time…starting with you!